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July 2018

Bendrigg Lodge Oct 2017

Bendrigg Lodge Oct 2017 720 405 I am Phab Bebington

After, years of dreaming to take or Phabbers to Bendrigg lodge in the lakes, we managed to pull it off. Another free holiday for our Phabbers for 40. PHAB enjoyed…

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Bendrigg Lodge ‘May 2018’

Bendrigg Lodge ‘May 2018’ 4032 3024 I am Phab Bebington

Phab’s second free holiday to the amazing SEN outward bound centre in the Lakes. I AM PHAB Bebington were proud to take another 40 Phabbers to Bendrigg in May 2018.…

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Summer 2018 Break

Summer 2018 Break 233 216 I am Phab Bebington

Hi Guys   Yay it’s Summer!!!   Just to let you all know we have 2 more Phab clubs left 18thand 25thJuly,  We will then be closing for our summer…

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Pontin’s Holiday

Pontin’s Holiday 1536 2048 I am Phab Bebington

It’s the Phab Pontin’s holiday coming soon and we are travelling up on the 5th of October and we will be doing many activities within Pontin’s  park, for any further…

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New Ferry Get Together

New Ferry Get Together 720 960 I am Phab Bebington

Recently we managed to pull off a great get together for all of the new ferry community, we had Disney characters, marvel characters and dc characters meeting and greeting all,…

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