Amsterdam 640 481 I am Phab Bebington

Amsterdam were do we start ! we had such an amazing time in Amsterdam because we managed to meet up with family and friends so we weren’t on our own in amsterdam and we all had a great time, our train journey from berlin to amsterdam was long but accessible with the right help you can easily organise wheelchair lifts to get on and off the trains unfortunately we didn’t book in time for help but we managed, when we were on our train the staff offered to put the chair in a certain part of the train so we didn’t have to worry about checking wether the chair was ok as their wasn’t any space in the luggage areas to fold the chair up, when we arrived in Amsterdam we were greeted by family and friends and it was great because we had been away for such a long time just ravelling on our own.

upon arrival at our hotel we noticed stairs and we weren’t too impressed but once we checked in the staff had told us to go out an accessible way which was through the private car park onto the main road which was handy for the wheelchair, our hotel had lifts which were spacious for the chair to get in and out of and our room wasn’t really accessible for a wheelchair user as we had a bath but it was manageable and the staff were kind to offer any necessary help that we needed and the hotel was right on the Damrak which is the main square right next to palace.


We had so much fun in Amsterdam everyday we managed to go out and see something different we walked around the red light district and checked out all the awesome coffee shops which we may add that a lot of the coffee shops have steps to get into so they weren’t really accessible for the wheelchairs but there are some coffee shops which are flat and have access for a wheelchair to get in, one of the highlights of the holiday was Madam Tussaud’s we had such a laugh walking around seeing all the wax figures and the access for the wheelchair was great as their was a lift but we had to catch a member of staff on each floor but this was not a problem and we managed to walk around with no problem. we definitely recommend checking out all the different tours around amsterdam as we decided to go on a boat tour around the canal’s which was lovely to have a break from walking around all day !!