Berlin 720 960 I am Phab Bebington

Berlin is definitely bigger than we thought, in terms of accessibility for the wheelchair it was pretty perfect as everywhere we went in Berlin was accessible and even our bus tours had ramps to get he chair onto the bus with accessible parking within the bus for a wheelchair user, if you plan on booking a trip to Berlin we definitely recommend using City Sightseeing as they were very helpful and accessible for wheelchairs.

Our hotel in Berlin was called the maritim hotel and this was definitely a surprise hotel… we didn’t realise how posh it was so imagine 3 backpackers walking in with scruffy clothes and everyone else in fancy clothing, we definitely looked strange, our hotel was perfect in every way, the accessibility for a wheelchair user was perfect as they had lifts spacious enough to fit the wheelchair in and what made our stay even more fantastic was our room, which had disabled access the room was quite big providing space for jai’s wheelchair and the bathroom was fairly accessible, the shower had a little step but was nothing to stress about, overall this hotel was fantastic for jai and we all enjoyed our stay at the maritim hotel.


Whilst we were in Berlin we decided to hop on our bus tour for the day and we visited many places one of our first stops was actually checkpoint Charlie which had a cool little shop to take in the history of the checkpoint and sit and relax, another of our stops was the gendarmenmarkt which is a small square in Berlin with the concert hall and the french and german churches along side the square which were absolutely stunning during our tour around Berlin we walked around the city centre and we managed to see Berlin cathedral and the dorotheenstadt area which has many famous landmarks such as the brandenburg gate which was a sight to see and it was accessible for the freedom chair and wasn’t difficult to move around.

If you would like to visit Berlin we recommend that you do book accessible tours for the church or double check they have access to specific areas as we found whilst travelling round you may be able to go inside the first area of a building but you may not be able to go to the other areas which we found quite frustrating.