Budapest 960 540 I am Phab Bebington

During our travel from Ljubljana to Budapest we only had to use a train which was great for jai because we didn’t have to mess around with any other type of transport, again we didn’t really have much help when we were in Budapest to get help getting off the train for jai so we had to do it ourselves and take jai out separately to the chair which was manageable, whilst we travelled to our hotel ( the three corners hotel ) unfortunately their was a little step for jai to go over in his chair but it wasn’t a major problem, in terms of accessibility the hotel was accessible but our entrance to the room was very tight as we had to go round a corner and for the chair this wasn’t very good, whilst we were in our hotel the staff asked if we required anything extra for jai regarding the shower as it did not have any chair but the staff gave us a stool for jai to use whilst we had our room which was helpful.


Danube river, whilst we were in Budapest we went on a river cruise on the Danube river which was lovely and the accessibility of the cruise was questionable as jai could drive onto the boat but we had to walk upstairs to our table for a meal and leave the chair downstairs, whilst on the cruise we were able to see some beautiful views of Budapest on the Danube river and check out the different bridges, all whilst being serenaded by a classical group.

Hungarian parliament building, we didn’t get the chance to go into the parliament building but we were lucky enough to check out the building from our river cruise on the Danube river and so we just got to see the outside of it but my oh my it was stunning we would definitely recommend a dinner cruise on the river to see stunning buildings such as the parliament building, which you are allowed to visit.

Szechenyi baths, such a beautiful place and so many different thermal baths for everyone to enjoy, unfortunately unless your wheelchair is waterproof you can’t really take your chair in through the main path to get to the outside section unless you had a manual wheelchair, they do have a lift next to the stairs for wheelchair access but we had to find a life guard first to get access to the lift as the lift was locked, in terms of getting into the baths we had a nightmare because we tried to explain to everyone we had a wheelchair and eventually somebody came to help us but instead of allowing us to use a stairlift at the main entrance we had to walk around to the back of the baths which had ramp access into the building, but it was a lovely day and warm weather and we thoroughly enjoyed relaxing.

Chain bridge, yes it is just a bridge but it is amazing to see especially at nighttime on the Danube river during a river cruise, it certainly stands out and we can tell you it is definitely a tour spot for pictures chilling on the chain bridge, whats great about the bridge is that it links Buda and Pest but it has amazing views either side which gives it such an amazing experience especially for those who love to take pictures !!

Hosok tere or heroes square is such an amazing place to go visit, we got here through our tour bus as it was one of the main stops, and there is lots of food and shopping places around to visit as it is off one of the main roads in Budapest, the square holds a lot of history in it regarding the original tribes within Buda and Pest so it does attract a lot of tourists but thankfully it is easily accessible and not too hard to find.

St Stephens Basilica, from the outside this building is unbelievable and holds so much history for Budapest, we didn’t manage to get into the building because we done so much travelling in the day we tried to fit in as much as we could, but we were told that it is accessible however another companion has to go up steps to speak to someone to get disability access for the wheelchair.