Freedom Chair

Freedom Chair,

Jai certainly had freedom in his chair and what a fantastic chair it was, the chair itself is fantastic, it is very easy to use in terms of getting the connections correctly attached, understanding how to fold the chair with ease rather than struggle, the chair was comfortable for jai and we had no problems with it whatsoever…

Whilst on our inter-railing adventure the chair was jai’s everything in terms of getting around and when we were travelling on the pavements or on the roads it was brilliant for jai.

During our trip one of the great things about the Freedom chair was that it was small enough to fit in the luggage compartments on the bottom part of the luggage space within the trains.

Their was one minor change that we applied to the chair and that was a fabrication to the top of the chair so we could fit Jai’s Backpack onto the Freedom chair which allowed jai to still move freely and not worry about carrying his bag… Thanks Brian.

For anybody interested in looking at getting a Freedom Chair click on the link below, if you would like to travel around Europe or anywhere in the world we would highly recommend a freedom chair for the ease of use, simplicity of the chair and the durable folding system.