Ljubljana 960 540 I am Phab Bebington

Ljubljana, such a fantastic and beautiful city we just couldn’t ignore it, upon arrival our hotel was amazing and the staff were very kind and lovely, we arrived early and our check in wasn’t till late but they offered to take our bags and so after wards we arrived and got to see our room, it was fantastic very accessible apart from the bathtub which we had to manage around, but our hotel staff were fantastic and offered to help with anything if necessary, once we arrived and checked in we decided to just go for a ponder around our area for food and the roads were very accessible and easy for jai to drive his chair around which was fantastic.


Triple bridge, during our time in Ljubljana we came across the triple bridge and wow what an amazing place it truly is beautiful and it is well looked after, although yes it is just a few bridges the sight you can see around you is what makes the area stunning and the accessibility of the bridges are great for wheelchair users too! whats nice about the triple bridge is that it links 2 parts of Ljubljana together allowing you to travel towards the Ljubljana castle and the shopping and food areas around, the Dragon bridge whilst we were walking around we came across the dragon bridge because spotted a lot of people taking photos next to these dragons on top of the bridge and we just had to take photos one of the main bridges well known in Ljubljana is the dragon bridge and it does not disappoint but it is part of the main road so it does get very busy in the day time, Butchers bridge, again there are quite a few bridges within the surrounding are but they are all different and they all tell a different story and some of the bridges aren’t accessible but can be managed to get access onto.

Preseren square, this is a lovely part of Ljubljana because it is the surrounding areas all together which make the square including the dragon bridge the triple bridge and the church of annunciation but the whole area is beautiful easily accessible and very relaxing, the square isn’t too packed and there is a lot to do within the square. within the pressrun square there is the Robba fountain which is lovely and attracts many people.

Church of annunciation, whilst we were walking around the square we came across the church but we didn’t actually go inside because we noticed that their were lots of steps and it was not really accessible for the wheelchair.