Paris 480 640 I am Phab Bebington

We finished our trip in France and Paris was our last destination, what a way to finish we must say our trip came to an end in such a beautiful capital, our train journey from Amsterdam to Paris was smooth we decided on manually getting in and out of the train rather than waiting around using the lift but we highly recommend to get as much help as possible when travelling from one place to another is it makes the situation a whole lot easier.

Our hotel in Paris was called Relais Du Pre and we were only a 10 minute walk to the main station which was perfect we did come across a small step but it was easy for jai to drive over and into the hotel, the hotel was accessible and did have a lift but it was a very small lift and you couldn’t fit a wheelchair inside the lift whilst using it, as we had to fold the chair up and walk with jai not the lift because it was small, the room was accessible but the shower had a little step to get into which wasn’t a major issue but the room wasn’t accessible to an extent for wheelchair access.


Whilst we were in Paris we visited many sights one of them being the Eiffel Tower which was completely accessible and very easy to get to as we had to show our ticket to security and they let us straight through and we managed to get into the tower without having to queue up, we also had a tour in the louvre museum which was also very accessible for any wheelchair user, we highly recommend checking out the Louvre museum and the Eiffel Tower, whilst we were in Paris we had to go and check out the champs-elysees which was fantastic we could’ve spent so much but we held back, and we stuck to checking out the sights and one of them being on the champs-elysees the arc de triomphe, we recommend if you do travel to Paris and wish to do accessible tours to double check with the supplier that each tour does have access for a wheelchair as a lot of the companies say there is access but their isn’t always a ramp or a lift