Phab Awards London

Phab Awards London

Phab Awards London 1732 1927 I am Phab Bebington

Recently we were informed about the Phab awards, the Phab awards is a way of celebrating all things Phab from members to carers and to volunteers which was to be held at the house of lords in London, we were told we could vote for two people to be nominated for an award and those two people were Jai and Lorna Howell, jai was voted for because of the amazing confidence that has grown within him during his travels around Europe and the independence he has gained from travelling around, jai has become an amazing person and watching him grow within Phab has been amazing he has matured into a fantastic person.

We had voted for lorna because of the amazing work she has done for Phab regarding the Phab charity shop and the Phab club ranging from organising Phab holidays, helping out with customers, organising charity events and helping all Phab members.

Recently they had travelled down to London and had a fantastic time doing lots of activities from the London dungeons, river cruise, London eye, natural history museum, Chelsea potter, they had an amazing time and fortunately they were awarded with certificates for the amazing work they have done for Phab.

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