Split 480 640 I am Phab Bebington

Our travel to split was a bit of a crazy one, this was because we had to travel from Venice to Ancona on the train then we had to get the ferry from Ancona to Split which was accessible as we used Sala Blu to help us on the train and when we arrived to Ancona we were offered help to get onto the ferry, which jai loved because we got to skip the queue and travel into the ferry from the hold were the cars and lorries parked with a lift to get us unto the right deck, unfortunately our cabin wasn’t really accessible and we couldn’t fit the wheelchair through so we had to walk jai in and fold the chair to fit it into our cabin, but the ferry was accessible in terms of getting around which was great for jai…

Upon our arrival we managed to grab a taxi to take us to our hotel but he stopped before our hotel and gave us directions because he couldn’t turn the taxi around, fortunately it was only around the corner… when we arrived we realised… oh no!! theirs steps so we called the manager and we were told to wait till 2pm and of course we had our bags so we managed to get the manager to come down straight away to put our bags in our rooms but we couldn’t check in till late and we found out their wasn’t a lift at all, when we came back to meet the manager he offered to help carry our bags and lift the wheelchair up to our apartment and of course we couldn’t really complain about the room it was amazing lots of room free wifi kitchen showroom with a tumble dryer and it was fantastic but for accessibility it wasn’t really accessible for a wheelchair ( we didn’t know this at the time )


whilst we were in split we were a little bit naughty… we decided to have a bit of a relaxing couple of days but we had many good moments, we were only about 5 minutes away from the main front of split so we decided on our first night to check out the front and we came across a little square with lots of shops and restaurants, we managed to find our way to the front and we were spoilt for choice regarding the food, and the view was just fantastic and it was nice and flat and very accessible for jai, we did however have difficulty when came back to our room to lift the chair up and carry jai, but we managed and we still loved our room.

Split is definitely a beautiful place to visit and certainly very hot, we decided to go window shopping one day and we must say we enjoyed it very much although we didn’t buy anything and whilst we went window shopping we came across some funny street musicians and artists, jai definitely loved seeing the street musicians, whilst in split we came across the palace of Diocletian which is a beautiful building and it is so picturesque with the surrounding area.

one of the highlights of our visit in split was that we were able to just put our feet up and relax as this was a nice break for us all, the food was great the views were great and the atmosphere was brilliant we would recommend split for a visit and it was accessible to an extent just make sure to double check there are lifts and ramps to access your buildings.

Our journey from Split to Zagreb was what you would to call fun, we realised that from here on we didn’t really have any accessibility in terms of a ramp or a lift to get jai onto the train so we had to lift jai onto the train and then lift the chair onto the train along with our bags which was stressful, once we settled on our train we then got told that due to works on the rail line we had to get on a bus to the next destination and then a train to Zagreb, this wasn’t fun as we had to unload everything with no help and then find the right bus and fortunately a few people offered to help us and we were able to get onto the bus with no problems, eventually we got to the terminal stop for the bus and managed to get on the train intake to Zagreb, this was a long journey and for jai it was quite restless because the trains weren’t comfortable and they were not accessible for any wheelchair user, the problem we had was that the trains aren’t modern they are old trains with no lift or ramp and the corridor in the train was too small to fit a wheelchair onto.