Venice 480 640 I am Phab Bebington

Venice… where do we start, once we arrived from our train journey which was great because we had Sala blu help change our seats to more accessible ones, we were told by Sala blu were to go for our “taxi” to our hotel now when we walked over to the water taxi’s we knew it may be a struggle but we didn’t know that every single one of them would say no to us because we had a wheelchair… we figured out that we should have pre booked a water taxi that has a lift on to the boat but the problem with this is that they are all more expensive than any of the normal taxi’s so this limited us in our travel when visiting places so we were kind of stranded.


Piazza San Marco, such a beautiful place to visit because of the sights surrounding the square but it is such a shame that the restaurants surrounding the square are overly priced and not as good as you think, whilst we were walking around the square we seen the little roads going in and out of the square so we decided to check them out and thankfully their were ramps in certain areas but again steps and stairs after one another and we weren’t able to see much because of this and we were pretty much stranded to the square itself, although the food was overpriced it was nice and we had a lovely view in the square and we could hear music in the background from other restaurants which was lovely.

Saint Marks basilica, whilst we arrived onto Piazza San Marco we were told to go and see saint mark’s basilica and wow we were so glad we did.. it is stunning from every angle you cannot take your eyes off it, we would highly recommend if you are in Venice to visit the square to see the basilica unfortunately we were not able to visit inside the basilica due to works going on and steps surrounding the areas of the basilica but from outside it is breathtaking and worth going to see, as far as accessibility goes we did struggle in Venice due to the bridges ( all with steps ) and so we were limited to what we could see.

Grand Canal, during our time in Venice as we mentioned before we were limited to what we could see and this was mainly because we didn’t book an accessible taxi which we were not aware we had to do, but when we had to get our water taxi to travel from a to b we were lucky enough to go through the grand canal and see the sights of Venice, we advise that you should book any water taxi’s in advance before the holiday to make sure that any wheelchair user is able to see the sights and to just travel to the stations that are necessary.