Zagreb 640 480 I am Phab Bebington

Were to start with Zagreb… well it was amazing when we arrived to our hotel we noticed their was no ramp but straight away we noticed there is a long way round for wheelchair access, we decided to just lift the chair up slightly and jai managed to get the chair over the little step, the hotel was completely accessible with lifts at a good size and our room was big enough and our bathroom was not really accessible, during our time in Zagreb we figured it wasn’t very accessible but we managed and we were offered help by people when we came up to an obstacle.


During our time in Zagreb we mainly walked around the main town square and took a trek to many places a few of the places we came across were the museum of broken relationships, Zagreb cathedral, St Marks Church and  ben jelacic square whilst we were walking around the square we went window shopping and their was so much to see, within the square their were lots of statues which we checked out and in terms of getting around it was fairly flat and not to bumpy, when we trekked to St Mark’s Church we came across a nightmare… steps all the way to the top we managed to get help from people to help lift the chair up whilst we carried jai, once we were at the top we got to see inside the church and it was beautiful but you could only walk into the front so it wasn’t as good as we thought but we got to see the parliament area and we got to see a panoramic view of Zagreb at a viewpoint which was fantastic, ben jelacic square is quite big unfortunately when we were their it was a bit too quiet so it wasn’t full but it was great and the buildings were stunning.

Whilst we were in Zagreb we noticed their was a lot to do but it was fairly similar to a few other cities in terms of museums and churches and cathedrals but near were we stayed it was very quiet so we would recommend to stay closer to the square or closer to the station were it may be a little bit more lively for everyone.